Two-step your way to lower scores with instructor Rick Barry’s mind-freeing method.

Don't think. Just Turn and Lift.

How many thoughts clutter your brain during the golf swing?

Three? Four? Five?

Too many to count?

Fact is, if you've got more than a couple of mental keys, you're doomed before you even take the club back. This condition, called paralysis by analysis, can wreak havoc on the swing. And the score.

Fortunately, renowned teacher Rick Barry has concocted a cure:

Turn and Lift.

Rick's system is incredibly simple, works for all different body types, and instills rock-solid fundamentals. In other words, it's a quick path to lasting results.

In no time at all, Rick will have you turning and lifting like clockwork and scoring better than ever -- by:

  • Gripping the club with perfect positions and pressure.
  • Addressing the ball in a posture that fits you best.
  • Using a towel to groove an air-tight backswing.
  • Triggering the club with a single finger.
  • Forgetting all but two tiny swing thoughts.

Turn and Lift isn't based on a controversial new theory. It doesn't require you to relearn everything you know about the golf swing. No need to start a radical fitness regimen or lose 20 pounds.

Just apply Rick's timeless lessons, forget all those confusing swing concepts, then Turn and Lift.

Simple as that.

To learn what Turn and Lift is all about, sign up today for instant access to Rick's Free Video Series.

VIDEO 1: Turn and Lift Introduction

The foundation of Turn & Lift. You must banish the confusing thoughts in your head, focus as few things as possible and discover how a good golf shot is a mirror image.
VIDEO 2: History of the Turn and Lift

Why the best golf swing adapts naturally to your body type. Regardless of your equipment, height or weight a good golf swing will naturally find the perfect middle between too upright and too flat
VIDEO 3: Turn and Lift Basics pt.1

Tired of worrying about where you club head is? Here's how to squeeze the logo to get that club head to go exactly where you want feeling it...not thinking it!
VIDEO 4: Turn and Lift Basics pt.2

Feeling the pressure? Here's an example of good pressure that lets you know your making the right connection for a worry-free Turn & Lift.
VIDEO 5: Turn and Lift Basics pt.3

Ready to pull the trigger? How to make sure your trigger finger is curled properly so your body will make the LIFT without you even having to think about it!
VIDEO 6: Backswing Tip

Crucial back swing movements that eliminate inside-out and outside- in bugaboos! Notice I said movements, not thoughts and worries!
VIDEO 7: Starting Routine

A 2-step pre-shot routine? Yes, it's possible! Just like Turn & Lift, it's simple, effective and gets you in perfect position to Turn & Lift.
VIDEO 8: Magic Towel Tip

The Magic Towel tip to help you keep the Vital Connection for Turn & Lift!
Rick Barry