Two Simple Thoughts. One Easy Swing.

Rick Barry

The cliche to keep your head down has misled millions of golfers over the years. Instead, Rick Barry offers students this advice:

Keep your head clear.

Sounds similar, but the idea is entirely different. See, Rick believes that when it comes to the golf swing, thinking is overrated.

Specifically, thinking during the backswing. When the mind gets tangled in technical thoughts, the addle-brained golfer swings stiffly, his shots stray weakly off line, and his scores go soaring.

It's called paralysis by analysis, and Rick has helped thousands of students overcome the condition during his 38-plus years as a Class A PGA Professional. How? By condensing golf's complex mechanics into an elegant, two-step process:

Turn and Lift.

Two simple thoughts. One easy swing.

Perfecting the Turn and Lift isn't difficult. It merely requires learning the grip, balance and posture that make it all work. Of course, Rick has quite a reputation for teaching these fundamentals.

One of America's Most Respected Instructors

Considering Rick's credentials, it's no surprise he developed such a straightforward method for building a bullet-proof swing.

As Director of Instruction at Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head Island, S.C., Rick has earned a stack of accolades as tall as the iconic lighthouse overlooking the club's famed courses. Here's a partial list of Rick's achievements:

  • Ranked among GOLF Magazine's Top 100 Teachers in America

  • Selected a top-10 instructor in South Carolina by Golf Digest

  • Honored as 2010 Teacher of the Year for the PGA's Carolinas Section (North & South Carolina)

  • Written multiple instruction articles for Golf Magazine

  • Appeared numerous times on Golf Channel programs

Like most teachers, Rick pursued a playing career early on. But when injuries derailed his plans, he turned to teaching in Titusville, Fla. Connections made there led him to Pelham Country Club in New York, where he met prominent pros including Claude and Butch Harmon, Craig Shankland and Bob Toski.

Their influence helped shape Rick's approach to teaching, which he's used to great acclaim at Sea Pines since 1991. In a typical year, Rick gives about 2,500 lessons and watches 17,000 swings on video.

You might say Mr. Barry loves his job.

My goal, he says, is to get people having fun with the game

That's what Turn and Lift is all about.

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