My Golfing Student Laughed When I Told Him
"All You Need to Know is Two Simple Words."

But, His Laugh Turned to "Aha!" When He Started
Blasting it Straight and Long...Every Time!

What are the Two Simple Words You need to Know to Add Distance, Accuracy and the all-Important Consistency to Your Golf Game?

Turn & Lift

Quiet A Chorus of Annoying Voices with Two Simple Words

If you're like most golfers struggling to find consistency and lower scores, you've tried hundreds of tips and lessons and "revolutionary new swing methods."

And when you step to the ball, your brain is swimming with a hundred nagging voices! All you get from that is confusion. It's hard to think and golf at the same time, isn't it?

Maybe you hit one straight and true every now and then... but you never get consistent with all those voices buzzing. Confusion leads to inconsistency.

Consistency comes only from SIMPLICITY

Which is why my Turn & Lift secret is so successful. In fact, I never leave the practice tee until I get an "Aha!" from my student. Usually takes less than 3 minutes with Turn & Lift!

It's THAT simple and effective!
What Golfers Like You Are Saying About Rick Barry

Hush the Voices in Your Head and Make a Perfect Golf Swing Every Time in my 8-Part Video Mini Clinic EIGHT DAYS OF PROFESSIONAL COACHING
VIDEO 1: Turn and Lift Introduction

The foundation of Turn & Lift. You must banish the confusing thoughts in your head, focus as few things as possible and discover how a good golf shot is a mirror image.
VIDEO 2: History of the Turn and Lift

Why the best golf swing adapts naturally to your body type. Regardless of your equipment, height or weight a good golf swing will naturally find the perfect middle between too upright and too flat
VIDEO 3: Turn and Lift Basics pt.1

Tired of worrying about where you club head is? Here's how to squeeze the logo to get that club head to go exactly where you want feeling it...not thinking it!
VIDEO 4: Turn and Lift Basics pt.2

Feeling the pressure? Here's an example of good pressure that lets you know your making the right connection for a worry-free Turn & Lift.
VIDEO 5: Turn and Lift Basics pt.3

Ready to pull the trigger? How to make sure your trigger finger is curled properly so your body will make the LIFT without you even having to think about it!
VIDEO 6: Backswing Tip

Crucial back swing movements that eliminate inside-out and outside- in bugaboos! Notice I said movements, not thoughts and worries!
VIDEO 7: Starting Routine

A 2-step pre-shot routine? Yes, it's possible! Just like Turn & Lift, it's simple, effective and gets you in perfect position to Turn & Lift.
VIDEO 8: Magic Towel Tip

The Magic Towel tip to help you keep the Vital Connection for Turn & Lift!

If you want to banish the voices in your head, hit a more consistent golf shot and drive your scores from 100 to 90 or even 90 to 80..., then here's how you can get all eight of these simple but powerful videos delivered to your Inbox and all absolutely FREE!

In the Next 8 days You Will Discover...

  • How to free your mind from paralyzing swing thoughts...the key to consistently lower scores!
  • How to utilize your big muscles with seamless efficiency...use your body's natural power to hit longer and straighter!
  • How to build a powerfully compact wasted effort!
  • How to Hit long, pure shots with machine-like consistency...driving your scores from the 100s to the 90s or the 90s to the 80s in a matter of days!
  • Watch your confidence soar...and your scores plummet!
  • NO tricks, no sleight-of-hand, no optical illusions...just 2 simple words!
  • Rock-solid fundamentals that can help any golfer maximize their potential.
  • How to hush all those confusing swing thoughts
  • A foolproof set-up that works for every body type every time
  • The vital connection that starts every swing...and allows you to swing perfectly without thinking!
  • How to link separate body parts in one united motion...naturally and without worry!
  • How to trigger more power with a single and (laughably simple) move
  • The mirror images that tell you your Turn and Lift is in-sync.

Here's what other golfers just like you are saying about Rick Barry's Turn and Lift Golf system...

"I love the way Rick breaks down the swing. He really makes it simple to understand. I can't wait to try this out on the course."

- Mike K.
"I'm blown away!!! I've played 3 rounds since watching Rick's video and I have consistently dropped my score each time."

- Joe Walters
"Rick has helped me enjoy playing again. I was about to swear golf off forever. I had a horrible slice, but after watching the backswing chapter and trying out some of the tips at the range I am a believer again. Turn and Lift, its really as easy as that. Thanks Rick!"

- Mark Spence
"I'm 67 and I've been playing golf most of my life. I was skeptical that anybody could help my game at this point but Rick proved me wrong. Since watching this video I have finally broken 80 again."

- Greg Jackson
"I am new to golf and I am still trying to break 100. These tips have really helped me get a better understanding of the golf swing mechanics. The pre-shot routine has really helped me stay focused."

- Jacob Hamilton
"This is the best information that I have found about a golf swing. I have order other videos, taken lessons, but your information is so easy to understand."

- Gilbert Smithe
"This is the best golf investment I've ever made. I've already dropped 4 strokes and I haven't lost a single ball since watching Ricks video. I never thought something so simple could have such dramatic results."

- Joe Johnson