Turn and Lift Golf Full Swing Series

Rick Barry

Discover the Simple,
2-Word Mantra
to Golfing Nirvana...
and Watch Your Scores Fall
from 100 to 90, or 90 to 80...
in Less than 30 days...Guaranteed!

Finally hush the chorus of voices chattering advice in your
brain as you step to the tee...and discover how to FEEL
-not think- your way to a perfect swing for your body!

Dear Frustrated Golfer:

If Albert Einstein thought Golf Was too Complicated,
What Chance Do the Rest of Us Have?!

Did you know that genius Albert Einstein -that guy who basically figured out how the universe works- tried to take up golf but gave it up because it was too frustrating?

It sounds like a joke, doesn't it? But I'm totally serious.

The story goes something like this... Late in his life, a colleague convinced Albert to golf a try. At his first lesson, the instructor kept yelling tip after tip after tip as Albert hacked away at the ball impotently. Topping off one, completely missing the next, slicing the one after that.

His instructor, Gigi Carnivale, kept hurling tips Einstein's way Keep your head down! Keep your back straight! Bend your knees! And on and on and on.

But Einstein still couldn't make solid contact.

Finally the scientist had had more than he could take, picked up several balls and flung them at his instructor! Carnivale swatted at the balls, ducking and dodging to avoid being pummeled

What did you do that for? cried Carnivale?

"Young man", Einstein began sternly, "when I throw you one ball, you catch it. However, when I throw you four balls, you catch nothing! So when you teach, make only one point at a time!"

Do You Sometimes Feel Like Einstein?

I'm guessing you know how the world's greatest genius felt.

There is no shortage of golfing gurus shouting well-intentioned, but
brain-cluttering advice.

Just like Einstein's instructor, they mean well. They're good guys. Great golfers. And most of the advice they offer is solid, tried-and-true advice that will help your game...if you can keep it all straight.

Ah, there's the problem. All that advice just ends up making golf more complicated than it should be. It just raises the level of chatter in your head. Sadly, this well-intentioned advice ends up making your golf game WORSE rather than better.

What's the cure? Well, to go back to the world's greatest genius....
The answer is simplicity.

Any intelligent fool can make things more complex.
It takes a touch of genius -and a lot of courage- to go the other direction.
-Albert Einstein.

If you can't explain it simply,
you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein

Now, I don't claim to be a genius, far from it. But I certainly agree with Einstein about simplicity. I consider it my life's mission to make golf SIMPLER for the average golfer...
not more complex.

The Simple Joys of Turn & Lift

  • Less time practicing and learning and studying...and more time to enjoy REAL golf!
  • No more voices in your head...your body FEELS the perfect shot...without thinking!
  • Simplicity equals consistency...and that's what every average golfer needs more of! Not distance. Not a slice cure. Not a new club. Consistency! And that comes from simplicity. Period.
  • Fewer DVDs, books, magazines, hi-tech doohickeys, and golf lessons to buy...and more $ in your pocket for REAL golf!

Think about it...if you've got 99 things to remember, you're bound to forget a few every time.

And that means ZERO consistency. Sure you might get lucky and make a few good shots here and there, but you'll never be consistent with all those voices chattering.

But with just TWO things to remember (or FEEL to be more precise), consistency comes
naturally...and so do lower scores!

Just 2 Words to Lower Scores? Can Golf Be Any Simpler than That?

Well, I suppose 1 word would be simpler than 2...but try as I might...I couldn't figure out how to get it down to 1 word. But I'm proud that I got it down to just 2 words. Because that's about 50,000 words less than most golf gurus get it down to. It's probably about 500,000 words less than what you've heard in the lessons, DVDs and books you've purchased, right?

Full Swing DVD

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Turn & Lift: A True Simplicity Revolution in Golf Instruction!

As the a PGA Class A Pro for over 38 years, and as a Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor since 1992, I've been fortunate to teach hundreds of beginners and intermediate golfers the finer points of our beloved game.
Can You See the Forest for the Trees?

But I noticed something very early in my instructional career. Something that seemed to plague every golfer that came to me. Something that held them all back. In fact, it was something was so common that it almost escaped my notice completely!

You see, I used to teach the same way most instructors teach: They look at a swing and they think - What new piece of advice, what drill, what memory tool, what reminder...can I give them that will fix the part of their swing that's broken?

And then I'd give that little bit of advice and their swing would get a little better...for a
little while.

But then what would happen? Well, usually what would happen is that some OTHER part of their swing would go bad and I'd have to give them one or more additional pieces of advice for them to work on and remember to fix THAT part of their swing.

And then after a little while longer, they'd forget the FIRST piece of advice and they'd lose that part of their swing AGAIN.

Right back where they started.

How I Got Me and My Students Off the Golf Swing Merry-Go-Round

Then one day it hit me like a one-iron to the forehead, My students are never going to achieve dramatic improvement if all I do is keep tossing new pieces of advice into their already-overloaded memory bank!

So I became obsessed with swing simplification.

Here's How I Broke the Swing Down...and Put it Back Together!

Deep in my obsession, I went to the practice range one night and analyzed the swing...trying to break it down into all it's parts. After an hour or so I felt like a mechanic rebuilding an engine. I had metaphorical swing parts strewn all over the grass! But as I started putting them all back in to place, I made a startling discovery.

All those parts that lay strewn on the grass were parts that moved automatically if I learned to do TWO things well.

Turn & Lift

And right after that is when I started having my first Five Minutes to Goosebumps instruction sessions.

You should have seen the faces of my students when I told them I'm not going to give you 57 new things to remember. I'm just going to give you two! They nearly fainted from relief. And they haven't stopped thanking me since.

Mr. Einstein was correct: If you can't explain a complicated problem in simple terms, you don't really understand it. And if no one ever gives you a simple explanation, you'll never truly internalize it and make it yours! That's what Turn & Lift does for my students. And I'm sure it will for you too!

In the Full Turn & Lift Video Series, You'll Discover...

  • The full method that frees your mind from paralyzing swing thoughts...the key to consistently lower scores!
  • How to go from a 2-thought back swing to a no-thought back swing...talk about being in the zone!
  • Fast, easy drills that help your body memorize Turn & Lift. Gets you off the practice range and onto the course enjoying real golf!
  • In-depth video analysis of the Turn & Lift swing...proof it keeps all the body angles and lines perfectly correct...without you having to remember them!
  • How Turn & Lift allows your body to select the swing that's right for it...without forcing it to do something it doesn't want to do.
  • Ensuring the proper grip...for your hand size and strength
  • A simple 3-step pre-shot routine...all you do is listen to your feet and look at your shoelaces!

How Do I Know Turn & Lift Will Shave 10 Shots or More from YOUR Game?

Well, the main reason I know this, is because it's so simple to learn!

It's so simple, that when I first teach it to a new student, I do not leave the practice tee until they I get a wow! or an aha! from them. That moment when they FEEL the perfect swing for the first time.

I'm not waiting for a lucky swing. Anybody can get lucky with a shot now and then...but that's not the path to real consistency.

No, the path to real consistency is when your body FEELS that perfect shot. That's what I wait for. I wait for my new student to go Oooh! That felt great!

And it rarely takes me more than 5 minutes of teaching Turn & Lift for it to happen. And I love it when it happens. Nothing like it! Their eyes get wide as saucers. They inhale sharply and exhale slowly with a satisfied Ahhh!... and I can almost see the goosebumps on their arms.

5 Minutes to Goosebumps

That's how simple and effective Turn & Lift is.

One More Reason I Know it Will Cut Your Handicap by 10 Shots...

Turn and Lift doesn't try to teach your brain what to tell your body to do.

It teaches you to listen to your body. And it allows your body to select the perfect swing for you.

A lot of golf instructors get caught up in whether a shot should be more upright or more flat.

My method allows your body to naturally select the perfect swing for you with a couple of very simple cues. Rather than force your body to do something unnatural...and force your brain to remember a bunch of rules....Turn & Lift says, Body, choose what's right for me!

And it does. And then it memorizes it. Automatically. Naturally. Without thinking!

Do you have a body? Then you can master Turn & Lift!

And Because it's So Simple...You Don' t Have to Watch 8 hours of Video To Make it Part of Your Game! (Or Pay Me $149, $249 or $549 to Get it)

Some instructors might be embarrassed that their videos are ONLY 57 minutes total. But not me. I'm proud that you can actually watch my full Turn & Lift program in less than an hour if you want!

I mean, I can't really sit here and tell you it's simple and then say something like You get over 4 hours of video instruction! (as a lot of my fellow instructors do!). No, as Mr. Einstein said...if you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it very well!

So my course is short, sweet, and inexpensive.

Here's What You Get in My Series of 12 (Short!) Videos

Video 1: Welcome to Turn & Lift and Thanks!

Video 2: Why Turn & Lift is the perfect shot for the modern golf game...regardless of your body type!

Video 3: How a simple shoulder cue leads your whole body (shoulders, hip, legs) through the perfect, natural back swing, without thinking.

How to feel the wire that runs from your trigger finger to your brain tells you when to lift.

How Turn & Lift teaches your body to start the downswing at exactly the right moment...most golfers start too early or too late!

Video 4: From 2 Back swing thoughts to ZERO!

How your height, weight and center of gravity are all naturally accounted for my Turn & Lift...all you have to do is feel!

Say goodbye to inside-out, outside-in and over-the-top swings...once your body memorizes the feel, they disappear from your game.

Video 5: The Basic Grip. Big hands? Small hands? Weak hands? No matter. In this short video, you'll get your grip straight before approaching the ball to Turn & Lift!

Video 6: The Basic Pre-Shot Routine. 3 Simple Steps! Discover how to listen to your right & Lift shot every time!

Video 7: The Magic Teaching Towel! An every day practice routine that insures your body memorizes the TURN! Easy, fast, natural, no thinking required!

Video 8: The Transition. Tips, pointers and drills for ingraining the perfect transition from

Videos 9 & 10: BONUS! I go to the video room to show how Turn & Lift naturally forces your body to keep all the angles and lines in perfect order! Most instructors use video to show you what angles you need to jam into your brain and try to remember every time you & Lift makes hitting those angles effortless and thoughtless!

Video 11: Putting it all together! What to take to the practice range...quick and easy drills to get your body in the groove...and back in the groove when you need a refresher! These go in your ears and out your muscles!

Video 12: A Recap.

How to keep your practices short, purposeful and effective.

Surely It Can't Be That Simple, Rick!

I know you hear a lot of over-the-top claims about golf instruction. And it seems there's a new swing method developed every other day. And I know a lot of instructors prey on the average golfer's seemingly insatiable appetite for the latest and greatest miracle swing cure.

And if you're like most golfers, you've gobbled up your share and are still looking for more.

I get it. Golf just does that to us, doesn't it? It's an obsession. All of us want to get better...and since golf is a game that you can never truly master, well, there's always another instructor, another lesson, another DVD, another book we think we should buy in the eternal search for just one fewer stroke, Lord!

Hey, I understand. I don't think Turn & Lift will be the last golf instruction product you'll ever buy. I'm not that naive. If you love golf, you'll keep trying to get better. You'll keep buying courses and trying to get better. And I'd never try to stop you.

BUT! I will tell you this...if you try Turn & Lift...if you take just an hour or two to learn the concepts...if you apply them to your game like I show you how... it will be a solid foundation that will make every other product, club, video or lesson you buy in the future much more effective.

I Guarantee: Turn & Lift Will Increase the Value of Every> Future Golf Purchase You Make

-Because the concepts are so foundational they will act as building blocks that support any other tips or tricks you add to your game in the future!

-Because T&L teaches you to listen to your body...rather than teaching your brain to memorize facts and techniques...you can add any of those other tips and tricks if you like without having to worry about forgetting what you learned in T&L.

Tips, tricks, techniques, books, DVDs and magazines will come and go...but you'll always have your body! You know the expression It's like riding a bicycle, you never forget! That's the revolutionary nature of Turn & Lift!

My 100%, 1 Full Year, 10 Shot Performance Guarantee

Are You Shooting in the 100s or 90s?

How Would You Like to be 10 Shots Lower by Next Month?

I'm so confident about what Turn & Lift can do for your game that I'll make you this guarantee...

If you're currently shooting in the 100s or 90s..and you watch my short videos and apply Turn & Lift to your game...

  • you will have an Aha! moment on the course
  • you'll feel and internalize what a great golf shot feels like
  • you'll shave 10 shots from your game without thinking in less than 30 days...or I'll refund every cent!

Nothing to lose...except 10 shots off your score! But last time I checked, that kind of loser is actually a winner in our game!

Would you pay me $50 for every shot I knock off your score?
Most golfers would do that in a heartbeat. Even weekend warriors.

What about $20 for every shot I lower your handicap? That's a no brainer, right?

How about less than $5 for every stroke you shave off?

I heard whispers that some golfers play for money - sometimes betting $10 or more per stroke. Since gambling is illegal, I wouldn't know anything about that, but if some guys are willing to wager $10, $20, or even $100 per stroke on a friendly game, I think it's pretty reasonable to ask you for less than $5 for every stroke I save you.

And that's what you get with Turn & Lift. At only $47.00, my 100%, 1 year, 10-stroke money-back guarantee means you will pay less than $5 per stroke saved!

$47.00 - $23.00 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! - or $4.70 2.30 per stroke to be exact. You could make that back in one friendly game, right?

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$136 In Bonuses Included
On-the-Course Help...and After-the-Round Review!

I would offer my 100% guarantee even without the bonuses below. But just to make sure you get an irresistible value, I'm loading up Turn & Lift with stroke-shaving bonuses too.

Bonus #1
Handy Turn & Lift Quick Start Guide (A $47 value)
This simple, outline is perfect to put in your bag. Pull it out any time you feel the need for a refresher. It's a great way to banish all those other thoughts that start crowding your brain, knocking you out-of-focus during a round. Get back on track fast with the Turn & Lift Quick Start Guide. (A $47 Value.)

Bonus #2
Turn & Lift Secrets Video Course for Rabid Learners Who Just Can't Get Enough! 50 80 short videos packed with every little secrets I know. These are the finishing touches and polishing details to Turn & Lift. You don't need these to take your score from 100 to 90 or 90 to 80, but if you want to really turbo-charge the value of Turn & Lift, you'll get everything you need here.

These videos are part of our Apprentice Program at PurePoint Golf and a an annual membership is $89.00. But you get them all FREE as part of your Turn & Lift investment. An $89 value!

Thank you for your time.


Rick Barry

Big Important Reminder: My guarantee applies only to the main course. If you decide to ignore these 80 videos (and the Quick Start Guide), it will not effect my guarantee. This is just my way of trying to over deliver for my students.